We are Cantavells from Frankfurt, Hesse.
Since december 2008 the band consists of Raoul [gt], Tolga [gt], Paul [bs], Cem [vox] and Oliver [dr].

Raoul, Oli and Tolga had been jamming around for a while, writing songs, when they decided to search for a singer and a bassist. This shaped up as quite difficult, when finally, after having lost their rehearsal room, their darkness was lightened by Cem. He had been moving all across the musical universe in order to gather more and more experience.

Being curios by what Tolga told him, he joined the band for the first rehearsal and BAAAAM: the perfect harmony! Melting the rough power of the instrumentalists with Cem's melodic voice they created their very own style. They liked it but still drooled over the people's opinion and so set a gig... without any bassist.

Again it was Tolga who found one: Paul the funk- and groove-bomb. Actually a retro-style-player he burst into the Cantajam with his deep, melodic bass voice. Few weeks later he closed the band's last gap. And they lived happily ever after - celebrating their melodic English/Turkish Rock. See you at the next Cantavells-gig singing, dancing, headbanging.

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